Increased Monthly Recurring Revenue from $12.5k to $28k in 9 months

David runs Paintable, the biggest online school for digital painting. He teaches people how to paint at a professional level and offers various courses and a membership.

When we first met, his online course business had a basic funnel that wasn’t bringing in consistent revenue and had a low return on investment.

Most of his traffic and sales came from content marketing, but he was missing many potential leads and customers.

David knew that his funnel was leaving money on the table, and was looking for proven ways to make his business profitable. He wanted to get to a place where he could afford to focus more on teaching and strategising in the business, than on running all day-to-day tasks. He also wanted to make sure the monthly recurring revenue would be more than enough to account for profit, development and paying his growing team.

After implementing our framework, his business saw increased conversion rates across all funnels and more than doubled monthly recurring revenue.

First two weeks

Made an extra $7.5K in just two weeks by  implementing one downsell

2x More MRR

Monthly recurring revenue went from $12.5K to $28K

2x More Leads

Website sign up rate jumped from 3.49% to 9.3%


During our collaboration with David we implemented every tactic in our framework. Here are the ones that had most impact:

Increased revenue per sale

After introducing two downsells into David’s webinar funnel, his business recorded an extra $14K in revenue within just four months.

Increased the number of email subscribers who buy

By introducing monthly promotions that featured upsells and downsells, David was able to increase his monthly revenue by 40%.

The first promotion we helped David run, generated an extra $7.5K within two weeks and another $3K over the next few months.

Increased number of email subscribers

We optimized lead magnets and user experience for sign up forms across the website which doubled sign up rate within a week.

Over the nine month period we worked together, David’s list grew from 44K to 70K+.


Over the course of nine months, we helped David to implement tactics that have improved his sign up rate, we helped him run and scale promotions, and set up upsells and downsells. In other words, David was able to see his online course business scale on autopilot, hitting one new milestone after another.

  • More than doubled monthly recurring revenue from $12.5K to $28K
  • Increased conversion rate from website visitors to leads from 3.49% to 9.3%
  • Improved tripwire sales conversion rate from 0.21% to 2.15%
  • Monthly promos generated 40% of revenue after the initial purchase
  • Webinar funnel averaged at $7K in revenue per month, that’s a 1900% growth

David Bellevue , Paintable

Extra $4K within the first month

Cody runs Aprender Inglés Americano, where he teaches Spanish natives how to speak American English fluently.

Over the past four years he has taken his business from crickets to having more than 1M followers on YouTube and becoming one of the top 5 go-to courses in his niche. After all these years of hard work, he now wants to optimize everything that he and his wife built.

Cody thinks of English as a passport that allows people to get better jobs and travel with ease. He wants to be able to help more and more people learn English, so he came to us to help him optimize his current funnel so he could enroll more students – on autopilot.

After implementing just three tactics from our framework, Cody saw these results:

3 to 5 times more sales

Conversion rate on the checkout pages went up by 3-5x depending on the offer so that means 3 to 5 times more sales

Within the first month...

Which has resulted in him making an additional $4K per month from his funnels


We identified a couple of quick wins that would generate incremental revenue and instant results. Cody went ahead and in three days he implemented these tactics:

Increased revenue per sale

By optimizing the user experience on checkout pages he was able to give customers a leaner and more reliable experience which resulted in more conversions (3 to 5 times more people complete the checkout process).

By adding an order bump to his tripwire offer he was able to get 60% more revenue by using the same funnel.

By adding upsells to his funnels, he gets an extra 25% in revenue.

Increased number of email subscribers

Increasing the visibility of his lead magnet got him an extra 4K people on his email list within just one month.


Over the course of just four weeks, Cody was able to significantly improve two important metrics: number of people who purchase and average order value. This translates into:

  • an additional $4K – $6K per month or $60K extra annual revenue
  • 50% more people completing the checkout process
  • paid off his initial investment with us in the first 2 weeks

Cody Bouscaren, AIA

Doubled revenue

Seonaid sells English Grammar courses for non-native English speakers. She has brilliant material that deserves to be seen by more people.

Seonaid used to send out one set of promotional emails per month, about her monthly challenge, which led to her usual monthly revenue. Before she ever worked with us John Ainsworth, our CEO, recommended her to focus on increasing the number of email subscribers who purchased as a quick win tactic.

She was able to put that to the test shortly after that. One month she sent two sets of promotional emails – one about the monthly challenge, and another promoting a new course.

And guess what? In that month, she doubled her revenue. Twice the number of promotional emails and twice the revenue. Needless to say, she was absolutely delighted.

First two weeks

Went from 0.65% sign up rate to 1.24% in 2 weeks

2x More MRR

Monthly revenue doubled by doubling the number of email promotions 

2x More Leads

Doubled her email list in 5 months


Here are some of the tactics that Seonaid implemented:

Setting up upsells

Another bit of advice that Seonaid implemented based on input from John was to add in upsells. She did this before even working with us, and instantly started making more sales to her course buyers.

Increased number of email subscribers

Shortly after optimizing the design, call to action and set up of sign up forms, Seonaid doubled her optin conversion rate (within 14 days).

Increasing the visibility of her lead magnet doubled her email list within 5 months, which should translate into tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue every year for Seonaid’s business.

We started working on LM optimization on the 31st of Aug, 2020
We started working on LM optimization on the 31st of Aug, 2020


Seonaid was able to double her email opt ins and double her email list. 

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