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We’ve created a FREE tool to help you find out how much money you could be making if you optimize your funnel. This calculator will tell you if building or optimizing a sales funnel is the right marketing tactic for you at the moment so you can make a data-driven decision.

The calculation you will get is an estimate based on the average results we’ve been getting for our clients for over 10+ years of working in this field. 

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"Working with Data Driven Marketing for more than five months allowed me to have more time to spend on my business, while number of leads and revenue was growing every week."
David Belliveau
“Suddenly I discovered there’s much more to it than what I’ve been doing in the past 30 years”
Esther Jacobs
The No Excuses Lady
“Data Driven Marketing helped us with our sales funnel, and we were able to increase revenue 50%.”
Eszter Csala
Think Bold Studio
"Working with John helped me calculate how much money I’m losing by not acting upon small adjustments"
Peter Lewis
La Bicicleta Verde

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