“WTF to do first” audit

You’ve got 100 ideas about how to improve your marketing funnel – my unique and proven 80/20 approach will tell you which one or two will have the biggest impact

There are 1000 things you could be working on in your marketing funnels, but only 2-3 really matter.

Perry Marshall (paraphrased)

You’re overwhelmed. You’ve got 20 possible things you can do to improve your automated marketing funnel. New lead magnets. Popups. New course to sell to the list. Then you attend a conference. Now you’ve got 30 ideas. You’re working so hard. You’re working all the time. But the list just gets longer and sometimes it feels like the needle’s barely moving.

Some things work. Some don’t. The list continues to get longer.

What you really want is to just know in advance what the most important thing to do first is. The one that’s going to give you the biggest impact … to your conversion rate and your bottom line.

Wouldn’t that feel good? Holy shit, would it…

Knowing exactly the optimal next step for you right now.

I can help.

Specifically, I can help you identify the action that’s going to have the biggest impact in your marketing funnel. That’s going to drive the most revenue without taking too much work.

More conversions means more customers and more ability to do all those things you want to do in your business.

I can tell you for YOUR specific marketing funnel at this specific moment, with your specific goals and with your time constraints what the highest impact thing to focus on will be.

I know what you’re thinking. “Oh my god. I don’t need someone giving me even more work to do.”

That’s not what this audit is about.

It’s not about giving you new, extra things to do – it’s about telling you the first thing you need to do – which may well be something that’s already on your to do list. But it’s at number 17 and you’re not going to get to it for a year. Not ideal for the thing that is going to have the biggest impact on conversions and revenue.

It’s the thing that when you finally get around to doing you’ll tell everyone “I really wish I’d known to do that A LOT sooner.” Well now you will.

How can I do this?

You might well be wondering how I could have this uncanny ability to find the gem in the rough – or if I’m just offering (yet another) random opinion.

I can reliably tell you the #1 most important thing to work on for a few reasons.

  • I’ve worked in sales and marketing for 20 years
  • I’ve got a degree in mathematics
  • I’ve built tons of funnels
  • I’ve had the opportunity to look under the hood of SO MANY other people’s funnels

Through all of this I’ve seen what the numbers are and how they work. It’s like being able to see the matrix.

I’ve now got a system. I have spreadsheets, models and tools like 80/20 calculators for helping identify what to do. Some of them gathered from other experts, some that I’ve built myself.

Lastly – I’ve done this a lot of times. I do it for fun. It’s my really geeky party trick.

All of these lead me to be able to say – “in my expert opinion, for YOUR funnel, this is the thing to do first.”

Examples of how this has helped other businesses

  • Someone had a book, Amazon ads, loads of content and tons of people signing up for his newsletter – but not enough revenue. He was working hard on launching more and more offers and more content. With this system I helped him identify the step that he needed to fix the most urgently in his funnel – he was able to fix that within a day and improve sales of his online courses by 2x instantly!

  • Someone had a SaaS business with organic traffic and a free trial funnel – he was working really hard to improve the offer and the funnel. I helped him identify that he actually had a good enough funnel and value per customer to be able to increase his paid ad spend. This has helped him increase revenue $250,000 in 8 months.

  • Someone had 70,000 visitors a month to his website, but not enough sales. He was working on improving the SEO more and creating more content. I helped him spot the most important thing to fix first in his online course funnel – he was therefore able to immediately increase monthly revenue 25%

  • I helped someone who had an existing funnel that wasn’t driving enough sales. She was thinking of ditching it, until I helped her realise that actually the whole funnel was fine and she was just missing one page in her process that would drive way more traffic to the funnel – by adding this in she’ll be able to make the funnel work.

  • Someone with a ton of SEO traffic but not enough leads was working on driving more traffic – I was able to spot the missing page in her system and she tripled her leads within 1 week – she now has an email list of over 50,000.

What’s the cost

This takes us about 12 hours to do one of these audits. We’d normally charge about $1200 for that time.

If this saves you weeks of working on the wrong thing – would that be worth it?

I want to do this for less than $1200 for two reasons. Firstly, it’s a way for people to test out working with us and some people hire us to do the work after the audit. Secondly, I really like doing these audits.

So I’m offering it for $500.

Important note – if you like we can also do the work for you. We’ll include within the report which things we can do for you, the expected results, likelihood of success and how much it would cost for us to do it. That way – if you don’t have time then we can implement it on your behalf.


“Your money back if you don’t earn our fee back within 3 months of making the change we recommend”

Bonus offer

The idea of this is that it should give you clarity on what to do.

But clarity on its own is not enough. You need to then do the thing. So as well as the audit – I’m also including a followup call for you to make sure that you’ve implemented the recommendations. This call is not only to help you get round to implementing the idea, but also to help you to solve any problems about implementing the idea.

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