The audit is the first step in us starting to work together. It’s all about figuring out the most important thing that will have the biggest impact on your conversion rate and your bottom line.

It involves several different stages.

As a first step, we send you a detailed questionnaire for you to fill in with all the information about your current marketing and goals. We will also ask you for access to your tracking software (usually Google Analytics) and your email marketing software.

We then map out your current funnel and all the steps that you’ve already got in place. Then we map out your ideal funnel. This is the version of your funnel which would convert the highest number of your website visitors and email list to customers. It includes all the steps that will increase your revenue, such as upsells and cross-sells.

Once we have drafted your current and ideal funnels, we will map out in a spreadsheet how much additional money this ideal funnel is likely to make you.

The next step is a workshop. The workshop lasts 1-2 hours, and we go through everything together and ask you loads of questions to make sure that we understood everything properly. As a result, we will be able to improve the map of your current and ideal funnels, and also improve the accuracy of the estimate about how much money your ideal funnel will make you.

At the same time, we start to write out a detailed plan with the exact steps of what needs to happen in month 1 , month 2 and month 3 in order to implement your ideal funnel.

After the workshop, we continue working on the plan and add in more details to it. We check everything once again in Google Analytics and make sure that everything is accurate. As a result, you will receive a 3-month plan written up in a lot of details about what needs to be done in order to hit the goals. We will also include the cost of implementing the plan for you. That way – if you don’t have time then we can implement it on your behalf.

Then we have a final workshop where we talk through the plan with you, we update the current funnel and the ideal funnel if necessary, we make an update on the amount of money it’s going to make you and edit the plan to fill in more detail where it’s needed. You can ask all the questions that you want.

That is the entire audit process. The cost of this is $950.

We’ve made it so ridiculously cheap so it’s really easy to start working with us.

I don’t know if we lose money doing this, but we definitely don’t make any money from it. This is our way of trying to make it really simple to start working with us.


At the end of the audit, you’ll know if you want to work with us and we’ll know if we can help you enough to be worth hiring us. There’s no commitment on either side to move onto the next phase.

If you reach the end of this and you say “Great, I love that, that’s really helpful.  I’ve now got my current funnel and my ideal funnel, I know how much money it’s going to make me, I have a plan, and I want to implement it myself.” – that’s fine! You can go off and do that. Or if you want us to implement it for you, then we’ll give you the details of the amount that’s going to cost for us to implement it.

Normally, our cost for implementation is $4000/month and we calculate how much we can get done in each month in the plan, so that you have an idea how much it’s going to take to implement the entire plan.


If you’ve got any questions about it, drop us an email at john@datadrivenmarketing.co or if you want to jump on a free call to talk this through, then click on this link and book a call in my calendar.

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