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From the Desk of John Ainsworth

CEO and Founder of Data Driven Marketing

John has been building automated funnels for over 10 years. He’s certified by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Digital Marketer. He’s helped online course businesses increase their revenue by 25-300%.

Hi there,

You got into creating online courses because you want to be able to make money working remotely. You’re an expert at something, and you love to teach it to people. You’d also like to make more money doing it. 

You’ve done loads of work on content marketing and have built up good website traffic and a good email list.

If you’re anything like our clients then you probably want to make more sales to your existing visitors and leads, and a higher Customer Lifetime Value.

So you’ve got visitors and leads, and you’ve got great products. If only there was some way of converting more of those visitors and leads to sales! Of course you know there is – it’s called your marketing funnel.

You know this “funnel” thing is important, but you don’t really know what needs doing, and you’re feeling frustrated that you aren’t able to make it work. You’re not sure exactly what needs doing, And you’re frustrated by trying to learn how to do it. It’s a whole new skill. You know you can do it, but it’s probably going to take you bloody ages. It’s not your area of expertise and so you end up not working on it, and spending time on what you know how to do – create more content, do more SEO work and develop more courses.   

I’ve been building automated marketing funnels for over 10 years – and I really love helping people who are making great courses. I’ve helped people increase their revenue between 25 and 300%.

I started Data Driven Marketing to help people just like you. People who are making great courses and just need help with their funnels.

If this sounds like you then get in touch.

Our team of seasoned professionals is focused on helping online course businesses use our Pimp Your Funnel Signature System to increase sales and revenue

Josip Belina

Josip Belina

Operations Manager

Josip is a Biomedical scientist now working on marketing funnels! Being an analytical and automation wizard, he’s responsible for reviewing the data about your customers and identifying the exact perfect funnel type to maximize your profits. He then makes the whole thing work on autopilot for you.

Maja Orozovska

Maja Orozovska

Finance & Account Manager

Maja’s 15 years of experience working as a project manager across different industries ranging from finances, IT & marketing allows her to analyse your info-product business funnel and highlight the areas that can be improved. She then focuses on optimizing your conversions. Maja is also a passionate and talented knitter.

Monica Badiu

Monica Badiu

Account Manager

Monica offers a versatile digital marketing experience with a proven track record spanning over 10 years and three continents. She’s responsible for developing and implementing personalised funnel strategies that will help you make more money! Monica is also a talented crafter of all things paper. 

Vlad Botca

Vlad Botca

Junior Account Manager

Vlad is the go-to person to make sure that your pay-per-click numbers are at their absolute best. Underperforming funnels and bleeding ad budgets won’t be your problem anymore after he takes care of those pesky little bugs in your advertising.  Vlad is passionate about spreadsheets, so your KPIs are in good hands. 

If This Sounds Like You Then Get In Touch

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