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Learn a data-driven process to scale course sales using automated funnels in this exclusive training.

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Do you have a great online course that people love, but somehow you’re not making as much as you’d like? Or as you know what you’re worth? Or maybe you’re feeling that you could do better, but you’re not sure what to do. If so, I get that it’s frustrating.

The way to make more sales to your visitors and leads is with funnels and email marketing. And you probably know that you need a funnel, but of course if you start working on your marketing funnel you won’t have time to focus on your course. Plus you’re not a marketing expert. All of this stuff can lead to you feeling frustrated, stuck and overwhelmed. This is totally normal. In fact, many course creators feel this way. You are not alone and you are on the right page!
In this webinar we’ll teach you what you need to know about funnels and how to use automated funnels to scale revenue without stressful launches. And now is the time to work on this because there’s never been a better time to scale your course sales with hundreds of millions of people shifting to online learning due to the pandemic.


Next class is starting today. 100% free.


computer 1

You have an online course and students

target people 2

You want to improve your funnel

hand with people 3

You want to sell more to your existing visitors and leads


You want to sell more courses and increase your profit

Next class is starting today. 100% free.

Earn more money from
existing visitors and leads

Having a good funnel in place means you will be able to earn more while working less.
Give yourself freedom and more time for your family & friends.
Learn how you can find out where your funnel is leaking and where you’re losing money. 
Once you learn where your funnel is leaking and how it should look like, you will be able to make changes and reap results.

Next class is starting today. 100% free.

John Ainsworth


John Ainsworth is the CEO and founder of Data-Driven Marketing. He has been building automated funnels for over 10 years and he is a little bit obsessed with them. He’s helped online course businesses increase their revenue by 25-300%.

Here's a note from John:

“For the past five years, we’ve been helping hundreds of people like you scale their online courses. But now is different. There are more people studying online, there’s more of a demand for online courses – if you know how to position them. We’ve got clients who are up 2x or even 4x their monthly revenue because they know how to take advantage of this moment in time. They’ve got their positioning right, the promotion right, their systems are lined up. Take this opportunity and learn how to get more students and grow your business.”

Next class is starting today. 100% free.


Within a few weeks we had an organized funnel that was automated, that was working, and started to generate sales almost immediately. Within the first two months we doubled or tripled the income directly from our organic traffic.

Working with Data Driven Marketing for more than five months allowed me to have more time to spend on my business, while number of leads and revenue was growing every week.

Within three days and I'm already seeing 10 percent increase across my entire business just two weeks later. If you're looking to grow your business if you're looking for better data analytics and someone who can give you clear instructions on the best way to 80 20 of your time then I absolutely recommend you work with John Ainsworth.

Earnings disclaimer

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