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“Within a few weeks we had an organized funnel that was automated, that was working, and started to generate sales pretty much almost immediately. Within the first two months we doubled or tripled the income directly from our organic traffic”
– Symon He, LearnBNB

“Working with Data Driven Marketing for more than five months allowed me to have more time to spend on my business, while number of leads and revenue was growing every week. ”
– David Bellevue , Paintable

“From March (when we started working together) until September, the course sales are twice what they were last year “
– David Vignola, Home Recording Made Easy

“I made back the cost for the first consultation in 3 days and made 10% more revenue across my entire business in just two weeks.”
– Jonathan Green, Serve No Master

“In the first months of the course I had my best month ever. I got $10k more than my previous best month. While I was on a vacation.”
– Dennis Moons, Store Growers

“10% of attendees ended up buying, and we made thousands of pounds worth of sales in the first couple of weeks.”
– Rob Dix, The Property Hub

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