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Symon He, LearnBNB

2x - 3x income Increase From Organic Traffic

“Within a few weeks we had an organized funnel that was automated, that was working, and started to generate sales pretty much almost immediately. Within the first two months we doubled or tripled the income directly from our organic traffic”

Amar Ghose, Co-Founder ZenMaid

increased revenue 3x to over $700,000 ARR

“You made it easy, almost too easy. The service you provided just took away so much of the work there. It would never gotten done if we hadn’t hired you to do it.”

David Bellevue , Paintable

From 600 to 1180 leads per week (without ads)

“Working with Data Driven Marketing for more than five months allowed me to have more time to spend on my business, while number of leads and revenue was growing every week. ”

Esther Jacobs, The No Excuses Lady

Helping me achieve More

“Suddenly I discovered there’s much more to it than what I’ve been doing in the past 30 years”

Jonathan Green, Serve No Master

+10% increase in just two weeks

“I made back the cost for the first consultation in 3 days and made 10% more revenue across my entire business in just two weeks.”

Reinder DeVries, Learn App Making

Revenue is up 25%

“I made more sales, that’s for sure. Revenue is up 25%!

Eszter Csala, Think Bold Studio

Increase Revenue by 50%

“Data Driven Marketing helped us with our sales funnel, and we were able to increase revenue 50%.”

Peter Lewis, La Bicicleta Verde

Figure Out Where I'm Losing Money

“Working with John helped me calculate how much money I’m losing by not acting upon small adjustments.”

Rob Dix, The Property Hub

Thousands of pounds Worth of Sales

“10% of attendees ended up buying, and we made thousands of pounds worth of sales in the first couple of weeks.”

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