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Which tactics would make the biggest difference to your revenue

* We’re making these calculations based on years of experience building funnels for other course creators and tracking the results. The numbers you will get are not random but very realistic, based on the data we’ve collected. Your Funnel Revenue Analysis will be with you in the next 1-3 days.

Do you ever feel like you have 1000 things you could be doing in your marketing, but you don’t know which is going to bring in the most money?

We’ve been working with online course creators for years. Most have amazing courses and a good amount of website traffic. So, they’ve got a great product, they’ve got lots of potential customers, but they’re frustrated because there’s a part in the middle that’s missing. The questions they all have are:

Why am I not making more sales?
Why is my conversion rate not better?

You’re here, so this must sound familiar.

If you want to find out how much money you could be making with your current course, email list & website traffic, then try our free funnel revenue calculator. It’s the very same tool we use with all of our agency clients to quickly evaluate their business.

Is your online course leaking money?
Is your website traffic bringing in enough leads?
Could your email list generate more sales?
What to improve to double your revenue?
How good is your sales funnel – actually?

The calculation you will get is an estimate based on the average results we’ve been getting for our clients for over 10+ years of building and optimizing sales funnels.

How does it work?

You input information such as your current monthly revenue, email list size, how many website visitors you get per month and you answer a few short questions about having things like upsells, order bumps etc.

Based on the average data for online course creators, the calculator predicts how much money you could be earning if your funnel is optimised. 

We’ve recently updated and improved the calculator based on more accurate benchmark data AND added a new feature. Apart from getting revenue predictions you will also get practical tips that will help you hit new revenue milestones. 

So, even if you have used it before, I suggest you use it again and find out how much you could be earning if you fix your funnel holes. 

It’s completely FREE. 

Calculate how much you could be earning.

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