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You Don’t Need A Black Friday Promotion If You Have This – With Josip Belina and Monica Badiu

Black Friday is over. And we are happy about it. 

Well, at least Monica (our amazing Copywriter) and Josip (our equally amazing Funnel Strategy Lead) are happy about it. 

For the past two months they have worked hard to help our clients have their best Black Friday promotions, and on this episode of ‘The Art Of Selling Online Courses’ they are sharing their key takeaways from this years’ Black Friday…and explaining why you might not need one.

You’ll hear more about why having successful Black Friday promotions is hard. Monica and Josip will explain our approach to this kind of promotion, which is bringing amazing results to our clients. We will discuss the difference between doing launches and email promotions, and which ones you should do. And if you are not sure which type of offer works best for Black Friday, we have an answer.


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In This Video We’ll Talk About:

  • Why is it so hard to have a successful Black Friday promotion
  • Black Friday strategy that we teach our clients
  • 3 key components of a successful email promotion
  • Offers that work the best during Black Friday
  • Email promotions vs launches

Ideas Worth Sharing:

‘’You get very close to Black Friday after the first half of November, people are expecting sales. So lots of people, if it’s not a pain that hurts them really bad right now, they’re not going to buy because they know that the sale is coming. They’re just pushing until the sale promo hits their inbox.’’ – Monica Badiu

‘’If you did a black Friday promotion and you’re happy with the results, you actually need to be very proud of yourself because being very good and having good results during black Friday is probably the hardest thing to do.’’ – Josip Belina

‘’What we’re looking at is that Black Friday and launches have both got a similar issue, which is they’re stressful, they take a lot of time to prepare for, and you only get to do them every so often. So this kind of big, big email promotion is similar to a launch in that it takes a lot of time, it’s stressful. If it doesn’t work, you’re in real trouble because you’re only doing a few year. And what’s crucial instead to do is to do regular email promotions. So two email promotions every month.’’ – John Ainsworth

‘’In a period of 12 months, if one month is not ideal – fine, you have 11 more (for email promotions). If you do two launches a year, and one of those is not as optimized, you’ve just lost some things, even more than 30, 40% of your annual revenue. And that’s a big hit for the business.’’ – Josip Belina

‘’People expect doing the same thing every month to be harder than it is to come up with something new. It’s hard the first two times. The third time, you already have plenty of things to talk about. You already know different angles, different contexts that you can introduce your offer to connect you to your audiences.’’ – Monica Badiu

Resources In This Video Interview:

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