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Why YouTube Is The Best Organic Traffic Source – With Ricky Kesler


In this episode of ‘The Art Of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers’’ , Ricky and I will look at all the possibilities of online businesses. We will talk about the advantages of online courses over affiliate marketing.

If you are new to the world of online business you might be interested to find out why you should choose organic traffic versus ads at the beginning. 

Ricky will also reflect on why YouTube is the best organic traffic source, how to get your channer started and what size audience do you need to be successful. 

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Video:

  • When starting why should you focus on organic traffic versus ads
  • Why YouTube is the best organic traffic source
  • What size channel you need to succeed
  • How to get started with YouTube
  • Why choose courses over affiliate marketing

Ideas Worth Sharing:

‘’Once you start to get organic traffic two things happen. The first one is you get that traffic coming to see your content for free. You’re not paying for anything at this point. All you’ve put into it is the time and effort to create the content. But the second thing that happens is there’s a different level of rapport of trust that’s created. When I see an ad, I come into viewing that ad with the level of scepticism and distrust.‘’ – Ricky Kesler

‘’We recommend that everybody start with organic, get everything working organic, completely crush it and then once you reach a certain level, start to put ads into it as well. In order to make ads work, you need to have great courses, a great funnel, that’s going to convert people from cold all the way through the whole process. So they buy from you and you make good money from that. Then you’ve got to have the long-term follow up process over the months and months after that, where the actual profit comes in from.’’ – John Ainsworth

‘’When [creating content for Youtube] is done in the right way, we can create content that’s compelling, that makes people want to consume more of it. And as they do that, they develop this relationship, this level of rapport and trust to the point that when that sales pitch comes, it’s a much easier sell. With blogging the interaction is much more transactional.’’  – Ricky Kesler

‘’The number of subscribers doesn’t matter as much as people sometimes think it does. The level of engagement of that audience is going to make a difference as well.’’ – Ricky Kesler

‘’We need to figure out what audience we think we want, and we need to start there and craft content for them.‘’ – Ricky Kesler

‘’I never suggest that somebody be a copycat, but I do think that there’s so much value in learning from what others have done.’’ – Ricky Kesler

About the speaker:

Ricky Kesler is an internet entrepreneur, influencer, and co-founder and owner of Income School.  He has helped numerous people become financially independent by helping them create their own online businesses.

Resources In This Video Interview:

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