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Learn How To Improve Your Copywriting And Warm Up Your Audience With Monica Badiu

Monica has got a proven track record spending over 10 years on three continents and she’s our in-house copywriter and our copy coach and what she does is she helps our clients to write email promotions and sales pages.

In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, Monica reveals the secrets of successful copywriting. We learn what to do to make the whole process of writing a copy easier and more straightforward. She tells us what a customer avatar is, why it’s important to have it and how it helps with the writing process. 

We talk about the sections of the sales page that always need to be included to have a successful copy. Monica tells us how to get inspired to write a copy for your own website, how to make sure that people will read it and not close the page after a few seconds. She also gives us some insights about email marketing and shares her knowledge on how to warm your audience up before trying to sell them your product.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Video:

  • How to write a successful copy for your website
  • What is a customer avatar and why you need it
  • What are some of the sales page copy parts that you should always have
  • How to write emails to make your audience willing to buy your product
  • How to get inspired for writing a copy of your own sales page
  • How to make the whole copywriting process an easy, straightforward task

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“One of the things I find with the customer avatar really getting it right, is a lot of people, they write stuff that’s a bit too generic to like, this is going to help you and it’s going to help you, but it’ll also help these other people as well. And so everybody reading it’s like, ah, is it really for me? It’s like, it kind of sounds like it may be for me, but it’s maybe not, you know, it’s a bit too generic.” – John Ainsworth

“Ideally you do your copy to sound very specific and natural to one person. And that one person is your primary customer avatar or your ideal buyer, because that’s the person who’s going to buy from you every single time, as opposed to everybody who is going to ask more questions and have more objections and show more resistance because it’s just not for them. And that’s okay. You don’t have to be for everybody.” – Monica Badiu

“You don’t need that many customers to be really successful as an online course creator.” –  John Ainsworth

“It’s always about what the customer needs to hear and in a language and in words that are easy for them to understand.” – Monica Badiu

“I have the same belief that as an online course creator and as a  consultant, as a business expert, as a coach, whatever you do, you are an entrepreneur and your responsibility is to help your people. To achieve their goals, whatever they are. And as long as you keep that in mind, that it’s not about you, it’s about them then anything you’re going to do is going to feel aligned with those people. And your audience is going to see because you get to a whole new degree of honesty in your copywriting and people get that.” – Monica Badiu

“It’s about you helping people who haven’t taken action towards their goal. You’re giving them an option. You’re given them a nudge forward to get them to achieve their goal. So it’s not about, Hey, buy my product because I want to make more money. No, buy this because if you want to achieve this, this course is going to help you get closer to that. So it’s this shift in I’m afraid of selling, I’m afraid of annoying my audience towards this is actually going to help my audience achieve their goal.” – Monica Badiu

Resources In This Video Interview:

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