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Transforming Learning Experience Through Online Courses – With Andrew Barry

On this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers, Andrew and I are talking about some of the biggest current trends in the online course industry, one of them being a collaboration between indie course creators and corporations. Having experience working with both sides, he shares a few tips on creating successful and meaningful collaborations in this space.

After researching what makes one course transformational, Andrew has developed a model of 3P’s (personal meaning, prompts to action, and peer-to-peer learning). If you are planning to create an online course that your audience is going to love, you should definitely think about these 3 things when developing it.

Andrew also shares a story on his most stressful course launch experience, and we discuss the difference between self-paced learning compared to learning in cohorts. 

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Video:

  • Collaboration between indie course creators and corporates
  • Andrew’s 8-week course launch experience
  • Post-pandemic online course industry 
  • 3P’s of transformational online courses
  • Self-paced courses vs cohorts

Ideas Worth Sharing:

‘’Indie creators are the ones that are really pushing the boundaries of what is possible in a virtual online environment.’’ – Andrew Barry

‘’What I learned from doing an eight-week program is there’s too much to cover in eight weeks. You need time. And more importantly, people need time to put the work in and experiment and you know this as a marketer – you’ve got to run these experiments and give time to get the data back to say what worked, what didn’t work.’’ – Andrew Barry

‘’I think that there are all kinds of industries where it (COVID19) caused mayhem, but the online course world is one where it’s like, it has accelerated things dramatically because everyone’s like: ‘I need to have one of these, I should have a course. I can’t do this thing in person anymore. Let’s take this and put it online.’ ‘’ – John Ainsworth

‘’No one is going to take action and actually do the steps that you’re recommending for them unless they’re connecting with some intrinsic motivation for it. Right. You can create all the great extrinsic stuff of leaderboards and gamified and blah, blah, blah. But none of that’s going to make any difference against a true intrinsic motivation to do the course. ‘’ – Andrew Barry

‘’People come in and join at different parts of the journey and recognizing that as a course creator, and then designing your community and annual course in a way that allows people to find people who is on the same stage of the journey as them and work together, you then start to leverage all the benefits of feedback, learning from other’s mistakes, support, and encouragement, all of those benefits.’’ – Andrew Barry

‘’The best courses are taught by people who are learning that thing themselves, and they are a few steps ahead.’’ – Andrew Barry

About the speaker:

Andrew Barry is the founder of Curious Lion, a training design firm reimagining the way companies like PagerDuty, Pinterest, and KPMG transform their people. 

He is the creator of Course of Action, a self-paced program and creator community for aspiring course creators working towards making Andrew’s vision that “everyone has an online course in them” a reality.

Resources In This Video Interview:

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