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This Is What a Million Dollar Funnel Looks Like – With Jacques Hopkins

In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, Jacques shares his best tips on building a million-dollar online course business.

We go step-by-step through the processes of Jacques’ funnel. He explains how the funnel was built using Jeff Walker’s Product launch formula. He also takes us through the biggest traffic sources for his course. We discuss whether fancy software is always necessary for a successful webinar. Jacques explains a simple system he built which increased his webinar conversion rate from 5 to 7%.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Video:

  • What a million-dollar course funnel looks like
  • Traffic sources that worked the best for Jacques
  • What is a Product launch formula and how you can implement it
  • How Jacques makes his only lead magnet convert constantly
  • Whether you need fancy software for an impactful webinar

Ideas Worth Sharing:

‘’You know, for years I’ve always said one of the most important things with YouTube is consistency, right? Whether that is daily, weekly, monthly, pick something that works for you and be consistent about it.’’ – Jacques Hopkins

‘’Keep it more generic, but still have a call to action. That’s a way to keep the lead magnet more future-proof but I would imagine that your click-through rate and success goes up the more specific you are on the lead magnet too. So you kind of have to walk that line.’’ – Jacques Hopkins

‘’You know, people will say, you know, you send too many emails. Well, you’re still on the list, and you have an unsubscribed, but you haven’t bought either. Maybe I didn’t send enough emails.’’ – Jacques Hopkins

‘’The basic concept of what Russell Brunson’s teaching is you’re able in a whole webinar, if it’s an hour or two hours, to get across one big idea to people. One central concept about changing their worldview. If you can figure out what idea should that be and then you can convince them of it, at the end of it, if they believe it, they should feel like the natural, next thing is to buy your course.’’ – John Ainsworth

‘’My webinar is over two hours long and some people will say: ‘’Jacques, that was the greatest thing ever. I learned so much. Thanks for teaching so much. You’ve completely changed the way I think about piano.’’ and then other people will be like: ‘’Dude, you think way too much of yourself, you talk too much’’. And both people watched the exact same video and came away on completely opposite sides of the spectrum. So you can’t appeal to everybody.’’ – Jacques Hopkins

About the speaker:

Jacques Hopkins worked as an engineer for eight years before quitting his job and turning his biggest hobby into a highly successful online piano course. has brought in over $2.5 Million in revenue to date, with over 7,000 students all over the world. Today, Jacques supports his family with the passive income from his course, while teaching others to do the same on The Online Course Show podcast.

Resources In This Video Interview:

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