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The Art Of Selling Online Courses

This simple thing made an additional $15, 000 in a week for our client

In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, we are talking about the power of upsells and order bumps. 

Josip is using some great examples to explain what they are and how you can earn thousands of dollars just by implementing them. We share some amazing stories of our Instant Course Sales program clients who saw their first results in just a week, hoping to inspire you to create your first upsell and order bump now!


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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Video:

  • What order bumps and upsells are
  • Examples of upsells that you can use for your course business
  • How to set up your own upsells and order bumps
  • Difference between one-click and two-click order bumps
  • What are the biggest mistakes in their implementation and how to avoid them

Ideas Worth Sharing:

‘’The most important thing when creating the upsell offer, and when thinking about positioning is: does it make sense? I know Monica likes to tell that in our course, but don’t do weird stuff. Really. That’s the most important thing in a funnel.’’ – Josip Belina

‘’If you are good at what you do, and if you can help people, put it in front of them, because it helps them. So having upsells in order bumps actually helps them and it benefits you because your revenues are going to go up. But the thing is with courses, basically every course will solve a problem, but will create another one. So if you can help them solve that other problem, they’re going to be grateful, they’re going to be willing to pay money for that. So having upsells in order is helping you help the client. And if you can get more sales, you can help more people. Basically, it makes sense. It’s not annoying. It’s helpful.’’ – Josip Belina

‘‘Yeah, and I think one of the other crucial things is with the copy that you’ve gotten of those pages. Again, don’t be weird. Don’t do weird stuff, right? You don’t have to do this strange psychological pressure: if you don’t get this you’re going to be a failure in life and it’s going to be disastrous.’’ – John Ainsworth

‘’So just make sure that it’s visible through the copies for the funnel, that what you are doing can bring people results, people are not buying your product, because they like how it looks. They’re buying the product because of what it can help them with. So just focus on that.’’ – Josip Belina

‘’It’s important that the upsell is not just the upsell. It’s a one-click upsell so that you do not have to go through the checkout experience once again. So that means that you’ve added your credit card details on step one, the checkout step. But now just click one button. And that’s it. Your card gets charged immediately. And it is a lot easier for your customers is the most important thing for the funnel. It makes it to be easy.’’ – Josip Belina

About the speaker:

Josip is a Biomedical Scientist now working on online marketing funnels as DDMs Funnel Strategy Lead & Consultant.

While working on dozens of Funnel Building & Optimization Projects – he developed & tested most of the systems DDM is now using when working with our clients.

In the last 5 years of working with funnels – he’s helped more than 100 people to scale their businesses. His areas of expertise are data analysis, funnel strategy, email marketing strategy, and automation.

Resources In This Video Interview:

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