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The Art Of Selling Online Courses

One Thing Your Online Course Funnel Must Have – With Josip Belina and Monica Badiu

The strategy for scaling an online course business that we have been implementing with our clients consists of 8 tactics. Those are 8 different things you can do to either increase the average transaction value, number of transactions per customer, or number of leads. But if we had to pick only one tactic that has brought the best results in the shortest amount of time, it would be an order bump.

That’s why Monica and Josip are here to share everything you need to know before implementing this powerful thing in your online course funnel. So if you are wondering how to create an order bump without producing new content, how much it should cost and how to optimize it, check out the new episode of ‘The Art Of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers’ now.


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In This Video We’ll Talk About:

  • The power of order bumps
  • How to create an order bump and how much it should cost
  • How $7 offer brought an additional $6,400 per month
  • What happens to the order bump conversion rate when you 4x the price
  • The software you can use to split test an order bump

Ideas Worth Sharing:

‘An order bump is probably the simplest thing that you can set up in your sales funnel that will increase your revenue and the value per transaction right away. It’s a simple product that you put in checkout that just by ticking a box, you can add it to your overall complete order and basically pay a bit more money to get something additional that ideally goes hand to hand with the tripwire product or the main product that you’re buying.’ – Josip Belina

‘We’ve had clients who are offering, for order bumps, books, bundles of books and courses, worksheets, live zoom calls. A small package of that.’ – Monica Badiu

‘And if you can get 50% and up conversion rate with a $7 product, increasing the price to $27 or $37 should not decrease the take rate by a lot. So that was basically the first thing that we did when we got the chance, we updated the price. We basically updated the order bump because that was just an audio book.’ – Josip Belina

‘I think one of the crucial things that people have to remember is it’s better to have something than nothing. You know, it’s one of the things you said, and I see people sometimes go: ‘I won’t put anything up, I want to make a perfect order bump that’s going to go with this.’ – John Ainsworth

‘You just need to have something in place so you can have something to improve on. Don’t start by trying to optimize. Start by doing something, get the stuff in place, and then you come back and optimize later.’ – Monica Badiu

‘It (split test) can be done in Click funnels, if you’re using Click funnels. If you’re using WordPress, there are various plugins that you can use there. For Kajabi, I don’t think that you would need third-party software that would help you to do split test, but it’s relatively simple to do. Using software like Google Optimize should help.’ – Josip Belina

Resources In This Video Interview:

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