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Overcoming a Business Growth Plateau – With Benjamin Pang

On this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, Benjamin talks about a different approach to network marketing that the Beach Boss Influencers are using, which is enabling people to connect with others without struggle. Also, he shares a story about overcoming the growth plateau and preventing burnout among team members.

We discuss one tactic they’ve implemented since working with us, which has brought them a revenue increase of 30% – regular email promotions. If you are thinking about hiring an agency to work on your course funnel, check out this episode to hear more about Ben’s experience.


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In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Overcoming a business growth plateau
  • Different approaches to network marketing
  • BBI’s methodology for building a brand that brings people to you
  • 2 reasons you should consider outsourcing an agency
  • How regular email promotions increased BBI’s revenue by 30%

Ideas Worth Sharing:

‘’So that’s why we reached out for help is, you know, first is to, to scale to get the scalability so that we’re not burnout. Second is to have people that are better at this to help us grow so that we can focus on what we’re good at, which is coaching.’’ – Benjamin Pang

‘’Basically, we were thinking, how can we scale beyond what we’re doing? So the question is trivial is, either we hire in-house, we interview, spend a ton of time to kind of qualify who is good, or we hire a credible agency to do it for us. And that’s how we came across you.’’ – Benjamin Pang

‘’We do want to impact more neuro marketers, but our time is limited. All our founders have a family, five of them are moms. Full-time moms basically. So they are taking care of their family and then building the business on the side. So the only way to scale is really to outsource.’’ – Benjamin Pang

‘Once we implemented that (email promotions) we have an additional one-third of our revenue coming in. We basically grew our revenue by 30% just by rolling out email promotions, monthly promotions. So basically increasing that lifetime value for customers that’s crucial and that’s why we are not really impacted by the increased cost per acquisition on Facebook as everybody’s screaming.’ – Benjamin Pang

‘ If you’re spending money on ads, you don’t need to make money and profit from the ads. People hear that and they’re like: ‘Well, that’s crazy. That doesn’t make any sense.’ Ideally you would, right? You run the ads and you make more money back than you’re putting in. That’s cool. But what happens is what Ben’s talking about –  you’ve got the backend where you’re running these email promotions. So the customer lifetime value goes up because that person will buy more over time. And you become profitable maybe two weeks later, a month later, or 60 days later.’ – John Ainsworth

‘Coaching is all about impact. So you can do one-on-one or you can do group, but the reason to do group is having a bigger impact, right?’ – Benjamin Pang

‘People have to get into a mindset of paying for progress, right? Just like in the games, you have free to play, but other people actually pay to grow faster. It’s the same thing as in business. You don’t know something that other people know and that’s why your business is stuck.’ – Benjamin Pang

About the speaker:

Benjamin Pang was a Software Engineer in the financial industry for over 10 years, writing software for wall street traders, ventured into network marketing for over 6 years, and then found his passion in selling online, and changed career to be a Digital Marketer. He has worked for Tier 11, one of the best marketing agency in the world, as a Media Buyer and Technical Marketer.

Now he’s one of the founders of Beach Boss Influencers (business coaching company), and LeadMagicX (lead management software).

Resources In This Video Interview:

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