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How To Increase Your Opt-In Rates In Just Four Steps With Our Funnel Strategy Lead – Josip Belina

Josip is our funnel strategy lead. He is trained as a biomedical scientist but I managed to tempt him away into the world of online funnels. He is an expert in data analysis, funnel and promo strategies, and automation. He is responsible for reviewing all of our client’s data and their funnels and identifying what the ideal funnel for them would be and helping them to be able to plan that out and build that ideal funnel in order to increase their revenue. Josip is our go-to person when it comes to the opt-in rates increase!

In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, Josip focuses on one project and talks about lead magnets. He is telling us how to increase opt-in rates and get more visitors to the website.

We talk about four steps that can help you optimize your page, get more people to sign up for your email list, and therefore help you sell more of your products. Josip gives us real-life examples of opt-in rates increase from our clients which proved to be working very well. He explains what inline forms are, why we should use banners throughout our page and why lead magnets are so important. He loves talking about numbers be prepared there will be a lot of them!

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Video:

  • What are the steps to improve and optimize your website
  • Why lead magnets are so important
  • How to increase your opt-in rates and get more visitors to your website
  • What are inline forms and where should they be on your website
  • How important is the placement of the lead magnet on your website
  • What is a good opt-in rates and how to get to that number

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“A lead magnet needs to be something valuable, something useful for people to, when they see it, they need to be like, Hey, I want this. I need that. A newsletter isn’t just sexy enough to have as a main lead magnet. People don’t just want to hear from you, they want to hear valuable information so you need to have something that will attract them.” – Josip Belina

“We had one client last year who basically doubled the lead intake through just telling people from his YouTube channel and Instagram, YouTube channel mostly. So it works.” – Josip Belina

“The idea with double opt-in is that somebody comes to your site, they opt-in and then ah, but did they give their real email address or you’re going to have a bad email address on your list? Or are they not someone who’s really that interested? And it’s weird. (…) I think of it almost like, you ask somebody out and they say yes, and then you message them later and say, did you definitely want to go out? If yes, reply to this, I guess like they’ve already said yes. Don’t be weird about this.” – John Ainsworth

“There is actually one thing, GDPR, if you are doing business in Europe, this is important, you cannot offer someone something for free in exchange for their email address. What you can do is you can ask them to willingly opt-in for their newsletter. And because of that, they will get something. So it’s a play on words basically.” – Josip Belina

“Step minus one, turn off double opt-ins. Step zero, know your numbers. Step one, add the opt-ins everywhere. Put the ways to opt into your lead magnet everywhere. Step two, check your numbers and optimize. Step three, optimize offsite, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, whatever. Step four, keep checking your numbers, keep optimizing, keep refining.” – John Ainsworth

Resources In This Video Interview:

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