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How to Win Your Customers’ Trust So You Can Sell More Online Courses with Andy Fossett

The Art Of Selling Online Courses With John Ainsworth (17)

Andy Fossett is a lifelong martial artist and a former school teacher. And he’s deeply concerned with autonomy and fitness education. He’s CEO of GMB fitness, and he’s dedicated to providing an open and accessible culture for clients and for staff to enjoy more of what they’re truly capable of. At GMB, they’re selling courses about physical movement and absolutely crushing it.

In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, we have a fascinating talk about understanding your target audience’s pain points and objections so that you can provide massive value with your online course. It’s not about just making the sale, it’s about making sure that your course can actually help someone achieve their goals and see results.

We talk about segmentation, nurturing and helping a lead move through the buying process by offering answers to their questions, understanding what makes them tick and in general, providing valuable information. We touch base on how as an online course creator you can support your prospects, so that they can get to making the purchase decision on their own terms, feeling utterly satisfied and confident that the program they’re going to invest in, is the one that best suits their needs.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Video:

  • How to hire and train your team for customer empathy and how that translates to sales
  • Why your customer support team should know your products in and out and deeply care about the results your customers could get
  • How to segment and update your CRM based on customer’s buyer journey and readiness to buy
  • How to differentiate your course by focusing on transformation rather than benefits or features
  • Why listening to your customers is going to pay off in the long term
  • How to identify the customers that are a great fit for your online course and how to nurture those that aren’t ready to buy just yet
  • What is Andy’s funnel and email marketing follow up strategy
  • How to run launches that sell without risking high unsubscribe rates
  • Why you should focus on building engagement and trust with your prospects and clients instead of obsessing over email open rates
  • A unique strategy for helping prospects overcome objections about buying your course

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“It became an important thing early on for us to understand that client support isn’t just about answering the question, but that it is an important sales channel. And I think in B2B situations, people realize this quite readily, but in B2C we seem to think that the purpose of customer support is to say things like, thank you, sir, sir, for your message, It’s very valuable to us to hear your opinions. We care deeply about the customer experience, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. That doesn’t help anybody.” – Andy Fossett

But what I really learned from him is that people’s objections are very, very granular and very specific. And you can show them that a thing has efficacy and that your claims have veracity. And that what you’re trying to do is based on evidence and solid procedure, but they will ask you, okay, I can see that it works for some people, but will it work for a 30 year old school teacher from Minneapolis?“ – Andy Fossett

Some of this is permission seeking behavior. Some people do just want to be told:. Yes, it is okay for you to believe. Yes, it is okay for you to buy this. And that sounds really cynical to say that it’s permission seeking behavior, but we’re all humans.We need approval.“ – Andy Fossett

“What’s actually, the biggest cause of loss, sales of lost, truly lost sales is people that never make a decision…” – Andy Fossett

A lot of people talk about benefits, not the features. Well, that’s great, but that only works if they believe you.“ – John Ainsworth 

“So how do you get people to actually get results? Well, one of the things is you need them to trust. That the thing is going to work.” – Andy Fossett

“The experiences that they’ve had that have prevented their success leading up to that point are all things that are holding them back from fully embracing your solutions and becoming your star student and best case study.” – Andy Fossett

“You’ve almost got an ethical requirement to support them through that process of using it and stopping them from getting stuck.”– John Ainsworth 

Resources In This Video Interview:

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