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How To Successfully Promote The Same Course Multiple Times – With Josip Belina and Monica Badiu

If you have listened to any of our previous podcast episodes about email promotions, you know that ideally, you should send 2 email promotions per month. But how do you run that many promotions if you only have one course?

We did an experiment and promoted the same course to our client’s audience 5 times in 4 months. And the results blew our minds. In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, Josip and Monica shared a success story about this experiment that generated around $220,000 to our client.

Monica shares lots of ways to find different angles to talk about your product. We discuss a structure of an email promotion that is going to help you warm up your audience, and help them make an educated decision when purchasing your courses. We cover future-proofing emails and share our 2 most efficient email sequences that your next successful promotion should have.


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In This Video We’ll Talk About:

  • How we successfully promoted the same product 5 times in 4 month
  • How to find different angles to talk about one product
  • How to warm up your audience for an email promotion
  • 2 most efficient email sequences for your next promotion
  • What are future-proofing emails and how to use them

Ideas Worth Sharing:

‘’People make the assumption that when you run an email promotion your audience is going to unsubscribe, people are going to send hate emails, but these tests prove that that’s not the case, which is awesome.’’ – Monica Badiu

‘’ In our strategy, we have something that’s called the warmup content. And I realized that if the warmup content is justified, talks about the present moment an audience is in, talks about your problem, makes it relevant to them, then it is easier to sell the same product.’’ – Monica Badiu

‘’It’s important to understand the avatar. And to understand what your customer wants and needs, you kind of call back to that using those three emails that are warming them up towards the main product.’’ – Josip Belina

‘’I don’t have to invent hooks or reasons to talk about things. All I have to do is look into the client’s community for what they are talking about, what questions they’re having. What problems they are talking about. And a really good hack that I found is if there is a Facebook group, I look into the posts and I try to look by year to see what they were talking about in January last year. And that helps me find ideas for the warmup emails that they’re justified by them.’’ – Monica Badiu

‘’People are worried about sending multiple promotions because they’re worried about being annoying and everybody unsubscribing. The crucial thing here is when they’re sending promotions, they’re not being helpful and useful and tying into what’s going on with people’s heads and providing them with support, whether they buy or not.’’ – John Ainsworth

‘’Cause you know, when they’re opening the emails and the way I write them, it’s either they have a realization, get an answer or have to ask themselves a really big question.’’ – Monica Badiu

‘’So there is something that you, John said a few months ago that I really like. When we started developing our program, that our free content and our free stuff available online should help more people than our paid content ever.’’ – Josip Belina

Resources In This Video Interview:

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