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How To Stand Out In Google Search Results – With Gert Mellak

In this episode of ‘The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers’, Gert and I are talking about why SEO should be one of the pillars for driving traffic to your course, how Google chooses top ranking results for every search and what drives customers to click on one link from many of those results. 

We will also cover how to title your lead magnets and where to position them in order to get the best results. In addition, how to put to good use all those emails that come in through your lead magnets is another thing you’ll find out.

Gert will also reveal what his ‘ERICA’ framework stands for, as he walks you through all the most important steps in achieving the best possible SEO.


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In This Video We’ll Talk About:

  • Why SEO should be one of the pillars for driving traffic to your course
  • What drives clients to click on one link from many Google search results
  • How Google chooses top ranking results for every search
  • Good lead magnets: Where to place them and How to name them
  • Gert’s ERICA framework

Ideas Worth Sharing:

‘’We see a lot of our online courses doing really well with Facebook ads, with Google ads, with YouTube ads etc and I think that is amazing. But we also think, SEO should be one of those pillars that drive trafficking for a particular reason. So you wouldn’t be a single source dependent.‘’ – Gert Mellak

‘’The other reason why we believe SEO is really important for online courses is that there is a lot of trust that goes with finding your own course option online as a user. So, if I’m a user and I do my own research, I want to learn and I’m ready now. I’m trying to learn. Right. I saw this, I liked it. I have a very high likelihood of actually making a purchase very, very soon.’’ – Gert Mellak

‘’So we see very high conversion rates, very high opt-in rates because people did their own research. We didn’t interrupt them. We didn’t distract them from what they were actually trying to do. We found them in a moment where they set aside some time and said, now I’m going to find a course.’’ – Gert Mellak

‘’You get people at different stages of the funnel and you want to be there on every stage.’’ – Gert Mellak

‘’They know so much about this topic and they write what they think is interesting. I could talk for hours about SEO. No problem at all. But, only a fraction of this is going to be interesting for someone. But if I have an article that says, ‘How can you outrank your competitor’? I’m addressing an issue.‘’ – Gert Mellak

‘’SEO is a long-term thing. It’s not something you start today and you finish tomorrow and it’s going to work. It needs consistent effort, consistent dedication, like a personal training at the gym.’’ – Gert Mellak

‘’And if you, on your website, don’t see an article as important enough to link it from different angles or different other pages, Google is not going to think it’s important either.‘’ – Gert Mellak

‘’We need to update the content. We already have some that might be outdated, but It doesn’t mean that the information we give isn’t valid anymore. It just means that there is similar information fresh. And mine might be too old. So I want to refresh this, redo this. And if I have actually updated the article, I should also put the date forward and say, this is not from 2009. it is from 2021 because I just updated it. Google values that you go back to your article and update. So on some sites, it’s all a direction directly at SEO. Leverage that we tell them. Look, do not create any new content. You have got 1500 articles.’’ – Gert Mellak

‘’If you want it to rank and you expect Google to send you traffic, you need to respond to something. Otherwise it’s not going to happen. Google is not going to rank you if you just share your experience’’ – Gert Mellak

Resources In This Video Interview:

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