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The Art Of Selling Online Courses

How To Launch Any Course You Want With Proper Email Marketing By Liz Wilcox

Liz is turning bloggers into business owners. She knows how to write a newsletter real quick and how to get people on your list to buy your stuff. And the first product that she ever sold was about poop. So we might get into that and now she’s selling access to Google docs. And she’s gonna explain more about all of that. 

In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, Liz tells us more about email marketing, copywriting, the value of it, and how to use that to scale your business. She explains how it happened that her first book was about poop, how it got so popular and how she managed to start her business off of that.

We talk about the email marketing strategies Liz uses, how she engages with her audience and why it’s important to get close to people before trying to sell them something. We learn how she used the love for RVing to turn it into courses which brought her a nice amount of money and why she thought about it in the first place. Liz also tells us why you should not listen to Mrs. Miller from your high school!.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Video:

  • How you can start a business even if you live in an RV
  • How literally any idea can be turned into a good business
  • Why is it important to connect with your audience before you sell them anything
  • How to use email marketing properly
  • How to get a high click-through rate and high open rate
  • Why Mrs. Miller from your high school is not good for you
  • How you can sell a course on a topic you have no idea about just by understanding your audience

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I’m a two-step chick. I’m not doing anything that takes more than two steps. And so email marketing seemed to be the simplest thing, you know, set up the freebie. You know, do podcast interviews like this, get the people flooding in and then get them in my inbox where I’m clearly a talker and so being able to create those real connections and really knowing what they want.” – Liz Wilcox

“The majority of people giving out that advice are copywriters that literally tell stories for a living. You’re a course creator. You’re a blogger, you’re a service provider, whatever you don’t tell stories for a living. So that’s really hard for you. That is what puts your butt in the chair, stressing, anxiety in your stomach because you don’t know what to say. Cause you’ve got your 10th grade English teacher, Mrs. Miller back here, like a story must have a beginning and end, a middle, a conclusion. And that’s, you know, the same as the summary at the top, you know, like get Mrs. Miller out of here. She doesn’t belong in the inbox like she was teaching a really archaic way of writing and that’s not how we work in the digital space. I want to free you from that.” – Liz Wilcox

“Online course creators, you know what they’re really good at? Teaching. And there’s the ideal is not to necessarily teach lots of stuff because that’s what the courses are for, but it’s something they can do and it’s something they’re comfortable with and it’s something that their audience likes. So what we do is when we’ve got an email promotion, someone gets somebody started doing email promotions, we say right, take five tips out of your course, tiny little tips, something somebody could implement in five minutes or less that they can read the thing, learn about it, do the exercise, make an improvement in five minutes and five days send up those tips and also promote your course in that, by saying this is taken from X course. If you want to get the course, it’s got a 30% discount this week. Go and get it.” – John Ainsworth

“You grab your phone when you’re on Facebook, you know, you’re ignoring things, right. They’ve inundated you with so many ads. You’re just scrolling. But when you open up your Gmail or your Outlook, you’re looking, you are literally looking for something to click on, right? Like, do I have anything interesting? It’s the exact same as when you go to your actual mailbox and you know, you immediately throw away the junk and you are so freaking excited when someone actually sends you something, right? So how can you translate that into the inbox? Like your person is doing the same behavior. They are actively looking for something to click on.” – Liz Wilcox

“The more excited that you are, the more you raise that level of excitement, the more exciting it will be like, look at Apple and, you know, music. I get a lot of inspiration from pop culture. And why is pop culture so popular? Because there’s so much damn hype around it. (…) And so when you hype up your course, when you give that process behind it and share, they become attached to it before they even purchase it. So, yes. Be your own hype man.” – Liz Wilcox

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