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How To Effectively Create and Manage SOPs – With Rita Ainsworth

Behind Data Driven Marketing there is a fully remote team and we’ve been operating remotely since day one. In this episode of The Art of Selling Online Courses, Rita and I are talking about the main component of our work that enables all processes to run smoothly – SOPs (Standard Operating Processes).

Implementing clear, specific SOPs can be a total savior for your business. If you don’t have them already, check out this episode and discover 3 ways you could benefit from SOPs. Rita and I talked about how to write them, who should be the one doing it, and which processes actually need a dedicated SOP. We also discuss what is the best software you can use to create and store them, and how they can increase your productivity by enabling you to outsource more.


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In This Video We’ll Talk About:

  • What an SOP is and why you need it
  • Which processes should have a dedicated SOP
  • How to write an SOP and who should be the one doing it
  • The best software we are using to create and store SOPs
  • Outsourcing – how to use it to your advantage

Ideas Worth Sharing:

‘’SOPs basically help you with the standards. So it’s either you’re doing it on your own, or you have a team. If there is an SOP in place, you pretty much guarantee that this process will be done at a certain standard. So, if you’re outsourcing something and you know that person is following the SOP, the standard is not going to drop.‘’ – Rita Ainsworth

‘’Different people learn different ways and take information in different ways. It’s probably good to have all three (text, screenshots and videos) in an SOP and people are gonna take what they can take in.’’ – Rita Ainsworth

‘’So one of the things that I find is that once they’ve got the hang of it and they know the process and they know how it works, nobody wants to go back and read it after that. But for learning what the process is, and then checking that you’ve got the right process and that you understood it all properly. It’s unbelievable. So helpful.’’ – John Ainsworth

‘’If you focus on the software too much then what ends up happening is that you’re actually first focusing on the least important bit. I think you can put them anywhere. It doesn’t matter. The point of it is not, where are they stored. The point of it is, do you have them and are they useful. And if you focus too much on the software, you are totally missing the point.’’ – John Ainsworth

Resources In This Video Interview:

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