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The Art Of Selling Online Courses

How to create high-converting sales pages and monetize your traffic with Monica Badiu

Monica is a mom-in-training with an insatiable curiosity for paper art, psychology, and all things digital marketing! She is our in-house copywriting chief and copy coach. She specializes in sales copywriting for online course creators who want to produce copy that speaks to their ideal customer and generates conversions.


In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, Monica explains the psychological aspect of copywriting and getting people to make an action based on an emotional trigger. We learn what are the differences between sales, landing and product pages and how to use them without being too ‘salesy’.


Monica explains the elements that every high-converting sales page should have and shares her most valuable tips for each element that she has discovered throughout her 10-year-long copywriting experience. She introduces the ‘15-step formula’ which helps our clients to take their copywriting skills to the next level.


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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Video:

  • How to create closer connections with your audience
  • Difference between sales, landing and product pages
  • Elements of a high-converting sales page
  • Tips for writing an eye-catching headline
  • How to differentiate yourself from your competitors using social proof

Ideas Worth Sharing:

‘’There are two things for every person. They either want to move away from pain or they want to move towards pleasure or an objective, something positive. Now you can use both of those to get them to take an action based on an emotional trigger. It’s up to you to decide which one you’re going to choose but you don’t have to make your audience feel bad about what they are doing or not doing to get them to buy something. It’s actually the opposite.’’- Monica Badiu

‘’If you like the whole idea of copywriting and testing it, just have some fun, try to write 25 headlines and then decide on your best one.’’ – Monica Badiu

‘’When people try to write a good headline, they’re like: ‘’Okay, I’m gonna write a really good one’’. And I found this to be way easier, you just write 50. And you just let go, none of them have to be any good. You just start writing, you just start going and somewhere in there you’ll find a good idea. And then you can go down that rabbit hole and write another 10 that are kind of like that. And eventually you get to something. I found that so much easier than sitting down and thinking how can I craft the perfect one straight away.’’- John Ainsworth

‘’Yeah, actually, throughout your entire page, you need to make your reader say yes, as many times as possible. And people who have objections, they will need many instances when they’re saying yes, to actually get to the next step. So the actual (Call to action) button, if it contains a yes, then that’s the first iteration of them seeing an actual yes to your offer.’’ – Monica Badiu

‘’You’ve got to make it really simple and straightforward for people. Confused customer never buys, you’ve got to say this is next. If you like this, do that. Just make it really simple. They’ve got busy lives, they’ve got other stuff going on. There are so many pictures of kittens, they could go and look, don’t make them have to think too hard about what the next step is, just let them know.’’ – John Ainsworth

‘’If you’ve done your research, and you know your customer avatar inside-out and you know how you can help a specific type of person, then you’re not going to see that many refunds. Because you’ve done your positioning right, you know the language, you know exactly how you can help a specific type of person. Now, obviously, we can’t be perfect. Some people will wiggle in, but that’s totally normal. It’s part of life. It’s part of running an online business’’ – Monica Badiu

Resources In This Video Interview:

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