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The Art Of Selling Online Courses

How Relationship Building Helped Charles To Scale His Business

Charles Byrd is not only one of the most connected people in the online space and, but he also knows how to help you to set up lucrative promotional deals. He helps his students and his clients book in hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of business.  

He knows how to get you leads without needing to pay for advertising and if that’s music to your ears and you want to grow your business, Charles is definitely one to listen to. Charles has a proven record of helping others create super profitable joint venture partnerships.

In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, Charles takes us through his journey on how he went from being a director at a billion-dollar software company to selling his own courses. He shares with us the secrets of relationship building, getting your ideal audience through contacts with other people, and putting your products in front of them.

We talk about pricing the courses online, converting, and email marketing. Charles reveals how he helps people to kill the chaos that builds up when they have an overload of information. With the use of the latest technologies, he finds innovative ways to scale businesses and collaborate with more and more people.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Video:

  • Why it’s important for your business to build relationships with other people
  • How important it is to have a system that you follow every time
  • What are Charles’s strategies for getting a new audience
  • How to provide more value to your customers through a short conversation with them
  • How to “wow” your customers so they stick with your products
  • Why it’s important to connect with some people even though they are not your ideal client
  • Why it’s important to figure out who is worth working with you and for how much
  • How you can get more contacts through social media

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I was learning to fly the plane or build the plane while I was flying. And since I have an IT and systems background, I started systematizing this whole process”. – Charles Byrd

“So when we connect with folks, let’s say one of those interests from you, which I want to give you a lot of credit for seeing something cool, and then just doing it. That’s how people get results. They emulate what works and the truth is not only are those video intros and things like that very well received by people, they’re easier for us to do. I can get one of those out in a minute and 15 seconds where if I sat down to type it, it would take at least five to 10 minutes wordsmithing”. – Charles Byrd

“You want alignment in terms of what they’re offering and what you’re offering, do they look like they’re going to match up, then you’re looking for are they somebody that you’d want to work with, somebody that you like, is that kind of alignment in terms of values or do you just get on with them”. – Charles Byrd

“I have this concept, work from warm. We have a network around us right now. We have peer groups, you and I are friends, I know people, you know people, we always want to work from warm because if you get an introduction from me to one of my partners who already love working with me, we’re friends, if you were to ping them cold, you’d come in on their radar at about a one or a two. If you come in as an intro from me, you’ll come in at a seven or eight on their radar and you’re inheriting the trust and relationship of the person who connected you and that is your fastest way in”. – Charles Byrd

“There’s a system to how the call flow is designed. It teases these things up intentionally and it provides value to everyone intentionally, we both end up coming out ahead”.  – Charles Byrd

Resources In This Video Interview:

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