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The Art Of Selling Online Courses

How Ben Turned His Gym Into An Online World For CrossFitters

Ben is head of WODprep and a dedicated online CrossFit coach. Ben’s passionate about helping fitness athletes of all abilities get the competitive edge and learn new skills. WODprep is here to help athletes from all over the world break through their sticking points, hit new PRs, and learn to RX in every workout. They want people to see what their bodies are truly capable of. 

In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, Ben tells us how he started his business in this online crazy world. He shares a secret how he went from running a physical CrossFit gym to having a CrossFit gym online. Ben talks about his courses, how he managed to interest his audience by teaching about fitness online instead of in the actual gym.

We talk about the prices of his courses, how he gets traffic from his three-legged stool: YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Ben reveals why it’s important not to stick to one topic but expand the courses to more areas in order to get more people interested in your product. We learn how he uses the bonuses and free training to attract his audience.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Video:

  • How you can run a CrossFit online without having a physical place
  • Why it’s important to expand courses and not stick to one topic only
  • How to attract customers with bonuses, free training, and upsells
  • How adding a free T-shirt can bump up the sale of your courses
  • What are Ben’s strategies for scaling his business
  • How Ben manages to earn million dollars by using paid traffic funnels
  • Why hiring a team is better than doing everything by yourself

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I see people miss this all the time who have got like a big YouTube audience and then they don’t drive people onto their email list and it’s such a big deal.” – John Ainsworth

“I do love the teaching aspect, but every piece of content we release almost to a fault is specifically designed to drive people to our website, to download the lead magnet, to get them on our email list, because that’s where we make ourselves. I very, very rarely try to drive sales directly from a YouTube video and especially on Facebook and Instagram, it’s like, people are there to be distracted. On YouTube there are at least there to learn something a lot of times, maybe be distracted or watch, you know, conspiracy theories but at least on Instagram and Facebook, they’re there for distraction. So trying to get them to pull out their credit card and buy something, especially at a high-end coaching course is it’s kind of futile.” – Ben Dziwulski

“That’s a huge thing that a ton of people miss is they think that just having a call to action is good enough when really it’s not, you need to have something that’s congruent and something that people would actually want to get.” – Ben Dziwulski

“Guys in the supplement industry tend to do that. Always exactly the same. Do you bought one bottle? Would you like three bottles? You bought three bottles. Do you want seven? It’s always one, three, seven, because that’s what works.” – John Ainsworth

“Don’t try to sell them and make them have a decision on something else. Just say, Hey, you just bought this, want some more of it for a better price? Here.” – Ben Dziwulski

“I was very apprehensive or hesitant hiring anyone for a little while because no one can do it like I do. Oh, how I was wrong.” – Ben Dziwulski

Resources In This Video Interview:

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