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The Art Of Selling Online Courses

Grow your revenue faster by selling more to your current customers – with Thanh Pham

In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, Thanh Pham is giving us his best pieces of advice that have helped him build the top resource for over      15 000 clients who want to become more productive – the Asian Efficiency.

We are talking about how to sell more to your current customers and close the time gap between their first and second purchases. Thanh explains how repurposing content helps him to be more efficient and we discuss joint ventures as a great tool to grow your business. Thanh also takes us through a step-by-step process of warming up their audience through useful emails that his audience loves.


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In This Video We’ll Talk About:

  • Closing the time gap between your customers’ first and second purchases
  • Increasing your efficiency by repurposing content
  • Creating joint ventures in the online course industry
  • Emails for warming up your audience before launch
  • Hiring people without hurting your budget

Ideas Worth Sharing:

‘’If you already have a suite of products, instead of creating a new product, if you get better at cross-selling, upselling, getting people to go through trials, that’s oftentimes a faster way to grow your revenue and increase your profits than trying a new marketing funnel or a new angle or a new product and so on.’’ – Thanh Pham

‘’Oftentimes you can use the exact same sales page and exact same email copy twice in a year. And people would oftentimes not even notice the difference. And so it creates a lot of efficiency, right? When you can repurpose a lot of stuff. And so it turns out you only have to make three to four different campaigns within a year and kind of recycle them and maybe update them a little bit or tweak the offer a little bit to see what works best.’’ – Thanh Pham

‘’How often have you seen the same commercial on TV? You’ll see it. And If it’s a good commercial, you’ll actually watch it again. Right? Without getting annoyed. If it’s a good commercial you often times are entertained. And that’s how I think about marketing materials. Well, if it’s really good and it is also entertaining, people will want to consume it again.’’ – Thanh Pham

‘’When the journey stops with your course, you start to realize actually the journey is just continuing from there. And so what can I do to offer them to help them continue on their journey? And that’s where oftentimes a lot of our product ideas come from is they finish one particular course and they go: ‘’I want more like, what’s next?’’, ‘’ Oh, we don’t have anything. Maybe we should create something.’’ And so this is where the repeat sales come in. Because if you have one regular course that does really well, you have an audience or a set of customers that are hungry for more.’’– Thanh Pham

‘’Nothing is evergreen anymore in this world. Even if you have a course on the topic that is evergreen, nothing is evergreen anymore. Because what happens is if you have a successful launch, oftentimes people will find out. And guess what, they will create something very similar or competing course as well. And so you allow competitors to come in to take up market share away from you. And this happens in all industries.’’ – Thanh Pham

‘’If anything works, do more of that. And don’t worry whether you understand it properly or not just go right. That’s working, I’m going to do more of it. And I eventually I’ll probably figure it out, but right now the crucial thing is to do it because it works.’’ – John Ainsworth

About the speaker:

Thanh Pham is the founder of Asian Efficiency, a productivity training company, where they help people become more productive at work and in life. He started Asian Efficiency in 2011 and has helped over 15,000 clients, with a blog that attracts annually over 1.5 million readers, and their podcast The Productivity Show is the #1 productivity podcast with over 10 million downloads. Thanh has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and Inc magazine as a thought leader and he gives keynotes across the world on productivity, efficiency, and time management.

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