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The Art Of Selling Online Courses

From Working For Free To A $3 Million Business With Calvin Coyles

Calvin’s the CEO of WILD success. He’s a world-leading trainer and author, and coach in the area of personal transformation. He also helps people to become professional life coaches and he supported 200,000 clients in over 80 countries, he’s developed something called the wild method, which is a breakthrough way of producing results in people’s lives. 

He’s led training programs in over 50 countries for leaders and coaches and healers and athletes and business owners. He’s become a self-made multimillionaire and has three best-selling books.

In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, Calvin talks about how working for free for Christopher Howard in Bali for three months got him to where he is right now. He reveals how a set of techniques called NLP, Neuro-linguistic programs, helped him figure out how to do live events that people want to attend. He shares a story of how he earned a big amount of money while getting a massage!

Calvin takes us on a tour around live events and how to make them appealing to the audience. He explains how his training and live events are connected and how he managed to incorporate the live events into a digital world.

We talk about scaling online businesses, ways for getting people to sign up for more than just one training, and what to do to make sure they will actually complete it. Calvin talks to us about how he managed to increase his revenue, explains why in his case having a good team is a key to success, and shares how COVID influenced his situation.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Video:

  • How working for free for someone can help you start your own business
  • Why it’s good to have your live events implemented in a digital world
  • How Calvin managed to earn money and get an audience while getting a massage in Bali
  • Why you should always think about scaling your business without involving your emotions
  • How Calvin coped with the COVID situation and how it influenced his business
  • What are the training, programs, and masterminds that Calvin has and how it’s all connected
  • How a good interaction with your audience can help you scale your business
  • What are the strategies Calvin uses to make sure people complete his courses

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I’ve talked to quite a few friends recently who are friends and clients who, as they start to get more sales it’s like a whole emotional experience that goes on of like, oh, what if this carries on, then life is going to be amazing. Or what if this doesn’t carry on? Oh my God, there’s a whole set of stuff going on, you know, emotions that go with it.” – John Ainsworth

“I think for a lot of people as well, John you’ll know this, I think one of the biggest mistakes a lot of people make in any business, but particularly online as well is that they’ve got a program and a funnel that’s working, but they don’t spend enough money. So, if right now, if you’re spending $1 and you’ve got a ROAS of $4 or spend $2 and you’ll have a ROAS of $8, right? Obviously, it’s not always going to be consistent like that, but you shouldn’t go from a dollar to 10,000 necessarily, but you get the idea. If it’s working and you’re making money, don’t let your emotions get in the way, scale it.” – Calvin Coyles

“I’ve found that you get a higher level of engagement in the online material. If I can access the training at any point in time, it’s like 24 hour gyms. Yes. Okay, great. It’s going to work for that average person that maybe wants to train it and obscure it with time but how many people are actually training at obscure times? You complain that you don’t want to get up at 5:00 AM to go to the gym, but you’re not training at any time in the day, unless you get up for the PT so for us, we like to have people on at live. We have a better engagement. And for us, the goal is to change their life, to give them the tools and also, we know if they finished the program, we’ve got a chance to upgrade them.” – Calvin Coyles

“Most course creators that I talk to have cheap digital only, no interaction, no Q&A programs. And I get that as a model because some people just don’t want to do the interaction. They don’t want to do the talking with people. They just want to create stuff online and share it. But in terms of a business model, it misses out on this enormous percentage of people who want the more premium experience, who are willing to pay more for it.” – John Ainsworth

“When you look at the business of Disney and the theme parks, they don’t make money on the ticket, the entry tickets, you know, they break even effectively maybe even lose money day to day on the entry tickets, but they make money from the gifts and the merchandise and the food and the shows and stuff. That’s how Disney makes money, and they make billions of dollars in profit from that experience.” – Calvin Coyles

“I’ve got a technique that you can apply in most online course businesses and get results within about a day and start to see a significant increase in revenue. So it’s the simplest application of this idea, is that you put an upsell available for people who’ve just bought something from you. So, you have a checkout page. Someone buys something, on the next page offer them something else. Probably more expensive, could be something complimentary that they can just get straight away and somewhere between 15 and 30% of people will buy that additional product. It will increase your revenue significantly. I helped someone the other day. He was making $30,000 a month. He applied this one idea and he told me, he thinks, now he’s added another $10,000 a month.” – John Ainsworth

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