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The Art Of Selling Online Courses

From 1-on-1 consulting to creating one of the biggest Notion courses – with Marie Poulin

In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, Marie is sharing her journey of becoming one of the biggest experts in Notion.

Marie has started off her career as a consultant, but helping other people with their digital products has inspired her to create her own – Notion Mastery. Since it launched in 2019, over 1,000 students have gone through it. In this episode, Marie is sharing her learnings about building a business that accommodates her lifestyle, money, time management, and hiring more people in order to keep the business growing.


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In This Video We’ll Talk About:

  • Turning templates into upsells that your audience will love
  • Switching from 1-on-1 consultations to creating online courses
  • Money mindset changes related to the business growth
  • Designing a business that accommodates Marie’s lifestyle
  • Hiring people – from Virtual Assistants to Managers

Ideas Worth Sharing:

‘’One of the things that I talk to people about is doing order bumps and upsells. When someone’s buying they’re at a place where they’re more likely to buy something else from you, they’re in the buying mindset. But there’s another point, which is when somebody has just used your product and been delighted with it, then you’ve also got the opportunity to offer them something else and they feel good about it.’’ – John Ainsworth

‘’At the time, I’m sure I would’ve charged a lot lower than I did, but luckily I’ve been in a lot of mastermind groups and had a lot of business coaches and people who could kind of check your mindset around. ‘’Hey, you only charge that for that amount of your time. That’s a significant amount of value that you’re giving for people you need to bump up those prices.’’ So I’ve always had people, I think, in my network to kind of keep me in check and show me that more was possible for myself’’. – Marie Poulin

‘’The something in the world. There’s something in the culture that values hard work more than is appropriate.’’ – John Ainsworth

‘’Once I got to a point where I was earning much more than I needed, it did force me to reflect on that. So if I’m not struggling and working to pay my bills, where would I spend my time if I had complete freedom over how I spend my time? It got me thinking about that. So, okay. Now I have a little bit more freedom to design the business that I want. Well, what would it look like in an ideal world? How many hours a week would I be spending working on this?’’ – Marie Poulin

‘’So even though you’re trying to get away from thinking of it in an hourly rate, still my time carries value. And how much is it worth to me to have a free weekend where I can frolic in the garden and do what I want to do? So I really had to say no, even to very lucrative, really awesome contracts because I knew it’s going to take away from this other leverage time that I had. So a lot of it forced better decision-making and more discernment.’’ – Marie Poulin

‘’Having an Ops person that is not the course creator, I think is the most valuable full-time hire. So someone who can handle operations, customer support, it can be kind of a blended role.’’ – Marie Poulin

Resources In This Video Interview:

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