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Earn More By Doing Less – Listen To Jane Sagalovich And Follow Her Hybrid Model

Jane has helped hundreds of experts create and sell their online courses with clarity, confidence and ease. She’s the founder of scale your genius. She’s on a mission to inspire and guide coaches, experts and consultants to reclaim their time. She helps them earn more, create more impact and show that leveraging your time and scaling a business doesn’t have to mean that you get poor quality results or poor quality service. She wants to rid the world of crappy online courses.

In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, Jane talks about making online courses and how to earn more by doing less! She shows us her hybrid model that proved to be very effective and successful. Jane also explains why she is not a big fan of group coaching programs or masterminds. Instead, she rather does one-to-one coaching.

We talk about who should take up a group support or a group course and who should follow her steps and try a one-to-one model. Jane reveals that you can earn the same amount of money whether you are doing a full one-to-one support group or just a part of it. She talks about digital modules that you should build for your courses in order to save your own time but at the same time still make the most of it for your clients.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Video:

  • Why one-to-one coaching is better for some people than group coaching
  • How to use digital modules to make an awesome online course for your clients
  • What to do to earn the same amount of money by doing a part of one-on-one coaching as if you did the full one
  • How to leverage your time and scale your business without having poor quality results
  • What is a hybrid model that Jane is using and how does it work

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“So in my experience, it’s about one fifth to one quarter of the time you would spend per client. You can charge the same price as you would in a full one-on-one service because the outcomes are actually just as good if not better.” – Jane Sagalovich

“I think the word course has gotten a bad rep because of the crappy online courses out there. And so I’m careful, you know, I’ll use the word course somewhere in my marketing materials, but it’s not the first thing you see.” – Jane Sagalovich

“I think there are more people out there doing group programs than there should be. And not every topic is good for the group and not every coach or trainer is good at group facilitation.” – Jane Sagalovich

“I worked with a coach for a while who had done a course as part of somebody else’s coaching program. And he had the modules in the course where he thought it through, he’d created the slides, he’d got himself in the right state. He presented it really well. And I would go back and rewatch those. Even though I was doing one-to-one coaching with them as well, because I can actually just do that at my own pace and my own time. I can watch it a bunch of times, think about it and ask questions, and then go talk to you about it.” – John Ainsworth

“When we learn, we want to do it at our own pace. If you want to take notes, you want to pause. And if this thing is happening live, you can’t pause. You know, and that’s, I see a specialty like group programs. That’s one of the big mistakes I see, so you have a live group call and they’re training. One, that’s a huge waste of their time because why are they doing this live? They’re going to do this to the next group again.” – Jane Sagalovich

Resources In This Video Interview:

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