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Do’s And Don’ts Of Youtube Ads – With Tom Breeze

In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers, Tom and I are taking a look at YouTube as an advertising platform. We will talk about who should and shouldn’t run YouTube ads and what different kinds of YouTube campaigns there are.

Tom will walk us through the 5 A’s of a successful YouTube channel and how to grow it fast. And if you are interested in going deeper into the psychology of advertising Tom will also share his insights on why it’s important to ‘sell’ identity with your course.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Video:

  • Who should and shouldn’t run YouTube ads
  • What different kinds of YouTube ad campaigns are there 
  • The five A’s of YouTube ads
  • How to grow your YouTube channel fast
  • Selling the identity with your course

Ideas Worth Sharing:

‘’Are your customers actually on YouTube? If you’re having to force the issue, then it’s going to be a real challenge.‘’ – Tom Breeze

‘’People are going to YouTube all the time, spending a lot of time there, looking for answers to their questions that you can probably help them with. And you don’t even need to be super salesy, you can just turn up at the right time and give them great content. And people will love you for that.’’ – Tom Breeze

‘’The thing that makes YouTube work and any advertising work really is knowing the value of your customer and how long you’re willing to park aside to say, well, the lifetime customer value is this much.’’  – Tom Breeze

‘’Not everyone wants to be rich. That’s the thing. And they might be comfortable with where they’re at and they don’t want to take that extra level of uncomfort. ’’ – Tom Breeze

‘’On YouTube, you can target people that are watching right now. You can select which videos you want to run your ad in front of that’s called placement targeting. You can also do keyword targeting. What keywords are typing in or what content they’re watching.‘’ – Tom Breeze

‘’YouTube is not just a search engine. It’s also a contextual place. Right? So I go to YouTube for one thing and I ended up finding, I’m watching content about other things very quickly.’’ – Tom Breeze

‘’So the can be super simple, you know, it’s just that the offer converts really well when it comes to video, it’s well-thought. The script is well-thought through the storyboard as well. And those are the two elements really that make a video work really effectively.‘’ – Tom Breeze

‘’How does your product make them feel? That’s really important. What is the emotion? And once you’ve figured that, the next step of that emotion is, does it come with an identity? Does someone think of themselves differently now as a result of that? Does it reflect well on them? ’’ – Tom Breeze

About the speaker:

Tom Breeze is the founder of Viewability, a YouTube ad agency & Ad Buyers Club, the place where marketers are transformed into YouTube ad buying heroes. Tom has a masters in psychology, is an author and is regularly invited to speak at conferences all over the world, showing businesses how to unlock the true power of YouTube ads for profit & scale.

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