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Funnel Strategies That Helped David Belliveau Double His Revenue Every Year

David Belliveau is a co-founder and lead instructor at Paintable, digital nomad, globetrotter, and ice cream addict. He is a self-taught digital artist and entrepreneur specializing in illustrations and realistic portraiture. And when he’s not painting for clients, he spends most of his time teaching others. 

In 2015, he co-founded Paintable, an online art school built to empower budding artists around the world, and over the years he’s been fortunate enough to teach thousands of students. His goal is to show people how to follow their dreams, use their talents, and believe in themselves by practicing and going through everyday exercises.

In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, David takes us on a tour around digital art. We are talking about how he started his career as a digital artist, co-founded his current company, and how now he teaches people around the world how to use their talents and follow their dreams. David is sharing his strategies and ideas on launching online courses in the field of digital art and how to make them speak to the audience.

We talk about scaling online businesses, ways for getting people to visit the website, and driving more and more traffic to the funnel. David reveals how he managed to increase his revenue and explains why a good lead magnet is a key to success. His ideas on life lessons for success in this interview change people’s perspective on what it means to be an artist today.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Video:

  • Why it’s crucial to prepare amazing free material your audience can download
  • How important it is to have a hard-working, supportive team that helps you reach your goals
  • What are David’s funnel and marketing strategy
  • How to use a challenge to motivate your audience and make them love what you’re doing
  • How to bring more clients by giving your audience free value
  • Why it’s important to make people believe in themselves before they are ready to buy your product
  • Why webinars are an important part of any funnel which can bring you more clients and more sells
  • How everybody can start their business without being an expert in marketing

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“What we are trying to do is to really empower people that want to make a career out of it or reach what we call the professional level illustration. And we’re trying to really build a clear learning path to make sure that basically, if you have no talent, you don’t know anything about digital painting, about art in general, you can start with us and we’ll bring you there. And if you are a little bit more intermediate, you already have some stuff, you also have your place into it. We’re trying to basically make sure that people don’t get lost.” – David Belliveau

“Exercises really help you to learn something specific, get some momentum, some progress, have that win effect, so exercises are very important.” – David Belliveau

“One of the most important things we find with webinars is that there’s a flow that it’s there. It’s not just about teaching someone something useful, then make a pitch, it’s like, what can you teach people? How can you change their beliefs to set them up so that when you show them the offer.” – John Ainsworth

“Marketing is awesome. I mean, marketing is a lot of psychology when you think about it. After a few years of learning about it, you get just more passionate I guess, about it, and then it becomes a very nice journey.” – David Belliveau

“Now I’m seeing my business has been more like an ecosystem.” – David Belliveau

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