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The Art Of Selling Online Courses

Case study: These simple tricks increased David Vignola’s course revenue by 30-40% in 3 weeks

In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, John and David are talking about the data-driven approach to scaling an online course business. 

David shares his journey of gaining a deeper understanding of data and KPIs and how that has helped him to make smarter business decisions. We talk about the power of upsells and order bumps, which increased his course revenue by 30-40% in 2-3 weeks. Also, David explains how working with us has shifted his perspective on sending more emails to his list more often – and that has brought the biggest revenue increase. Because the money is in the list!


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In This Video We’ll Talk About:

  • Understanding the data behind an online course
  • 2 tricks that increased David’s course revenue by 30-40%
  • Setting up a regular email promotion schedule
  • Simplifying the process of writing emails
  • The most important KPIs you should track

Ideas Worth Sharing:

‘’I had no strategy around what should the order bump in the upsell be, how much should it really cost. I just wanted to put something up there based on your recommendation. And it started to work right away. I mean, within a day it started to work. And then we refined it and fine-tuned it together. And we’re still doing that, but now it works all the time. I get order bumps, sales all the time, all the time.’’ – David Vignola

‘’I come from a corporate background on big and tech sales spreadsheets, and I’m all about data and analytics. And I even collected the data and did that in my online business, but I need to know what data points were important. I didn’t know what to look at or what the benchmarks were. So, even though I had some of this stuff being tracked and you really helped me refine it really well.’’ – David Vignola

‘’I say this to everybody. It actually upsets me sometimes when I see people who are running a business and they don’t have those things (upsells and order bumps) set up. Cause I’m like, this is so little work to get this in place.’’ – John Ainsworth

‘’I was thinking of most of my sales should come from people who search Google. They somehow randomly ended up on my website and they see something they like, and they buy. Where your guys’ approach is more like, no, that’s not where most of your money should come from. Most of your money should come from people that are on your email list that you’re regularly promoting deals to.’’ – David Vignola

‘’A lot of people have said to me in the past, and I guess it’s true, look, they signed up on your email list for a reason. They want to hear from you. And I’m sending not only the two promotions every week, but then in the off weeks I’m sending them other emails with free content, not promoting stuff.’’ – David Vignola

About the speaker:

David has been a professional audio mixing engineer for over 15 years. During that time he has been mixing and mastering music for hundreds of artists all over the world, helping them bring their art to the world. His training has taken him all over the country, working in many analog/digital hybrid studios. He has also studied under well known mixing engineer Michael White who has worked with artists Including The Rolling Stones, Whitney Houston, Kiss and the Talking Heads, just to name a few.

Over the last 6 years it has become important to him to start giving back by helping musicians and engineers learn the craft of audio engineering. He found that teaching was something he really enjoyed and have a passion for, leading him to create Home Recording Made and now Mixing Made

Resources In This Video Interview:

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