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The Art Of Selling Online Courses

Build your own revenue model using inputs from your audience by Christopher Sutton

Christopher is a lifelong music lover. Determined to become “musical,” he took lessons in cello, clarinet, piano, saxophone, and electric guitar, and sang in numerous choirs and ensemble groups. 

In his 20s he discovered a technique called “ear training” which finally began to unlock some of the skills he’d always thought took talent, like playing by ear, improvising, jamming and writing music. 

Inspired by his own progress, he started a company to help other musicians develop their musicality in fun, easy and effective ways. He now leads a 10 person team at Musical U, providing a membership program and courses for adult musicians worldwide.

In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, Christopher tells a story of how his ear training app, which became popular overnight, turned into a successful course business. He also shares how switching a revenue model from single payments to memberships helped him double the annual revenue.

We discuss how you can promote your offers through a variety of options while keeping value at the center of a promotion. Also, we remember some of the most influential podcasts which improved our business and marketing knowledge and go through the important concepts learned such as education-based marketing.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Video:

  • Why you should start being comfortable with promoting your courses
  • How strategic changes make a great impact in the long run
  • Differences between different revenue models for courses and how to build your own
  • Why are your loyal customers also your best salesmen 
  • How to structure your offer based on the inputs from your target audience
  • How to keep email promotions interesting and effective

Ideas Worth Sharing:

‘’For the first couple of years, I was kind of in that mode where particularly as a British person, the whole writing sales copy and hyping up your products and putting it in front of people feels very uncomfortable. And it took me quite a while to get past that, to realize you need that side of things if you want to have the impact you want to have. So yeah, I think that’s important for people to recognize that you need the two. It’s not necessarily ‘’I must make money’’ or ‘’I must succeed in my mission’’. You need to find the blend of the two that works for you.’’ – Christopher Sutton

‘‘’It (membership model) gave us an environment where we could observe our customers. You know, we were five years into the business. At this point, I’d done a ton of email back and forth with customers. I felt like I understood our target market really well. And I did, by my standards, but it’s a very different thing to see your people day-to-day doing your stuff, getting results or not, asking questions and having that kind of environment.’’ – Christopher Sutton

‘‘’But a membership does not have to be an all-inclusive thing. That is an option out of like a bunch of different ways of what the membership could be about.’’ – John Ainsworth

‘’You can’t make a one size fits all zero to hero course. Because of so much variety. You can’t, pretend everyone is at square zero and everyone wants to get to the same square 100, it’s kind of nonsensical.’’ – Christopher Sutton

‘’I think most people in most places in life think that there are two options. And what I generally find is it’s not that there’s a third option, there is. But it’s, there’s about 167 different options. And if you can just relax enough, you can spot what they are.’’ – John Ainsworth

‘’Education-based marketing is building a relationship and not forcing or trying to trick people into buying, or trying to pressure them into buying, but just kind of being present in their lives and making sure that when they are ready to act, you have a fantastic offer waiting for them.’’ – Christopher Sutton

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