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The Art Of Selling Online Courses

Build the trust of your audience using the tripwire funnel – with Allen Mathews

Allen Mathews is the founder and content creator at Classical Guitar Shed where he teaches people how to play classical guitar. He started his online course business in 2013 and for two years, his only focus was delivering massive value through his website and blog. Two years later he launched his first online course which is now one of the most popular among classical guitar enthusiasts.

In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, Allen is going to share with us how he did it, reveal his entire tripwire funnel and shows us behind the scenes of what happens after a visitor becomes a lead and later on converts to a customer.

We also get a peek inside his email nurturing and segmentation strategy as he walks us through tactics that include segmenting his audience just as they become subscribers, nurturing content and the use of a bridge sequence that introduces his offer.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Interview:

  • How a tripwire builds trust with your audience
  • How to segment your audience as they enter your email list and why
  • How to segment your audience by engagement KPIs 
  • How to use email marketing to nurture your audience from cold, warm to hot
  • What is a bridge and how to use it to prepare your leads for a pitch
  • What a pitch email sequence looks like
  • How to introduce a downsell via an automated email sequence to warm leads

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“It’s about weeding people who are out for immediate results, it’s more about just targeting the people who are interested about the craft of playing, and that’s what classical guitar is, ongoing study, and it is also about what my membership is, so my content speaks directly to those qualities and those persons” – Allen Matthews

“Your suggestion was just go right to a tripwire. And so I did that and that’s been a great improvement. But those come in constantly, it’s somewhere around 130 to 150 of those a month little $7 things and oftentimes people will also get upsells with those” – Allen Matthews

“(the bridge sequence) starts talking about the course just a little bit at a time, and then the day before the pitch is supposed to hit their inbox, they get a reminder that they should be on the lookout for that offer. They get three emails that are saying the pitch is coming” – Allen Matthews

“There’s a few clever things there: You are finding who is your hottest people because you don’t want to make a pitch to somebody until they are hot, you are giving them a build up so they are excited about what’s coming, three times you’re doing that so that they can get really excited about it in advance, and then you move into the pitch itself” – John Ainsworth

“I have a different pitch to people who are beginners versus intermediate”  – Allen Matthews

“How many people stick around for month 2 – we’ve seen 30% is reasonably common, and 50% is working very well. We’ve used a consumption sequence to get from 30% to 50%” – John Ainsworth

“One of the things we’ve seen work very well in terms of launches is layering all the different tactics together, like warm up content, going live on Facebook, plus a challenge, plus webinars, plus the sales copy and downsell, it all comes together… If you have the time to do it, it just works amazingly” – John Ainsworth

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