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The Art Of Selling Online Courses With John Ainsworth (19)

Mark Webster is one of the co-founders of Authority Hacker, where they share actionable education for website owners.

Mark got his start in online marketing tinkering with AdSense campaigns and creating ClickBank products back in 2008. And after growing and selling a successful agency, him and his business partner, Gael started their own portfolio of authority sites. And then they started Authority Hacker, where they teach other people how to start and grow content websites.

In this episode of “The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers”, Mark is going to take you behind the scenes of his Authority Hacker course business. He is sharing the ins and outs of his strategies for generating traffic, converting leads, and positioning his products to appeal to the right audience.

We also talk about secret hacks for increasing online course sales such as pricing strategies, scarcity and urgency tactics, using retargeting with webinar funnels, and email marketing. Watch the video below for a short preview. And if you want the full interview, which is filled with value bombs, join us in the Advanced Online Course Creators Facebook Group, right here.

Mark Webster has a simple and straightforward plan for success. He uses high quality content to get people excited about his courses, and then he utilizes launches and an evergreen webinar to get them engaged. It’s been so successful that his online course business is thriving!


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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Video:

  • How to differentiate offers based on customer skill
  • What Mark’s specific business model looks like
  • Why a launch based business model is better than a permanent open cart
  • How scarcity and urgency help you sell more courses
  • How to run promotions without having to reinvent the wheel
  • How to use email marketing to follow up with webinar registrants depending on their engagement level
  • Using Facebook retargeting vs Facebook cold ads to get leads
  • What are some benchmarks for website sign up rates for online courses
  • Why Black Friday sales aren’t always a good promo idea

Ideas Worth Sharing:

I think it’s quite well-documented that a launch based model, where you’re kind of putting all your eggs in one basket, tends to generate more revenue, recurring revenue, kind of membership style of selling a product. It’s more about stability so that if one launch goes wrong or, something happens, it doesn’t completely mess things up.” – Mark Webster

The broader your site, the more kind of general info, content you have, it’s just natural that your conversion rate, your opt-in rates are going to get lower as you get people, you know, not reading long stuff, just browsing and kind of getting the, you know, the feel good content from you.” – Mark Webster

We assume that everyone on our email list is reading and opening and checking out all the emails. When in fact, most people are not really, then they might have a quick scan through it, but, you have to be careful that  you don’t make your business too complex. You can literally run, as you said, the same email sequence with the same subject lines to the same people who have received that sometimes two or three times. And it’s, it’s going to work better than trying to come up with something brand new, just because, you know, the conversion rate of the email or the, the open rate of the email from last time.“ – Mark Webster

I come across a lot of other course creators who are trying to, you know, make more money. And usually they’re focused on getting more traffic into the top of the funnel. But actually, if you just, you know, increase your prices tomorrow, you double your money and it doesn’t really affect demand much.”  – Mark Webster

If the webinar is not good, then the whole thing doesn’t work.” – John Ainsworth 

If you’re selling courses, scarcity, urgency really matters. And there’s a few ways I’ve seen that work for having that. And one is you just normally have it at a much higher price. And the second one is you only have it available at certain times of the year. You can only buy it during this launch. And then that gets people really excited.

And then the third one is where you can always buy it and it’s reduced price, but we’re going to ride in a load of bonuses if you get it at this particular time. And I definitely see with launches, the one that works the best is it’s actually, you can’t get it next week. It’s not available, but that kind of freaks some people out.” – John Ainsworth 

Resources In This Video Interview:

This interview is part of our video series “The Art Of Selling Online Courses”, where we talk with top performers about their winning strategies and secret hacks. When you join our Facebook group “Advanced Online Course Creators” you will be able to see the full videos and get more exclusive content to help you grow and scale your online course business.

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