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The Art Of Selling Online Courses

4 Steps For Building a Perfect Online Course Offer – With Jordan Mederich

Jordan Mederich, CEO of Dropfunnels, has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and course creators. He realized that majority of them have one thing in common – broken offers, and that’s the #1 thing holding them back from earning more.

In this episode of ‘The Art of Selling Online Courses: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks From Top Performers’ Jordo is sharing his 4-step perfect offer formula that he has developed to help people struggling with this issue craft truly irresistible offers. Also, we talk about the pros and cons of offering an online course vs group coaching, and Jordo shares some great tips on how to choose a software platform for your courses.


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In This Video We’ll Talk About:

  • #1 thing that’s holding entrepreneurs back – broken offers
  • How to earn more by repackaging your offer
  • Jordo’s 4-step perfect offer formula
  • Offering an online course vs group coaching
  • How to choose a software platform for your courses

Ideas Worth Sharing:

‘What I find is the number one thing that keeps and holds entrepreneurs back is broken offers, really bad offers.’ – Jordo Mederich

‘Every problem in your business, every issue you’ll face comes down to the offer. It’s not your funnel. It’s not your ads. It’s not even necessarily your mindset. It can be all of those things. And none of those things, those are amplifiers, right? Ads amplify, funnels amplify. And so when we can come into this core offer that is super irresistible, people will regret not buying it. And that’s what I call the perfect offer formula.’ – Jordo Mederich

‘Never change everything at once. That’s the number one rule, change 10% of something at a time, wait for feedback. Cause we’re giving the system, we’re giving the universe a new input and we want to test that output. Do we like the output? Great. Then we can move to 20%. We can start to move in that way. Um, so never change everything at once.’ – Jordo Mederich

‘We don’t become entrepreneurial to not do work. That’s not the point. The point is to serve and to build a grand vision and no grand vision is built on the back of laziness.’ – Jordo Mederich

Ask yourself is it worth it to me to help my people win at such a great level that they tell their friends, I get famous for delivering great results. Is that what you really want? Because if so, you can charge more. You’re going to get people excited to buy from me because they know the result is better than 2%. And you actually end up setting up for yourself, a legacy business, because at a snap of a finger, you can bring in a previous client to do the group coachings for you. You don’t even have to be involved at that level.’ – Jordo Mederich

Resources In This Video Interview:

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