Email marketing funnels – why, what, what kinds and how to ask someone to write them

What kinds of funnels are there?

What kinds of funnels are there?

A funnel is all the steps that lead someone from hearing about you for the first time to becoming a lead, getting interested in your products or services and buying. Then buying again and again.

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How to increase your revenue by being data-driven

How to increase your revenue by being data-driven

Most stuff we do isn’t that important. There are a few things that really matter.

So how do you figure out which is which?
– Should I develop a new product/ service?
– Should I work on our autoresponder?
– Do I just need more traffic?
– Maybe I should redesign our homepage?
– Do I need to study SEO?

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    How to filter out useful information, what number to focus on?

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